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Collegio San Giuseppe, Follina

Disappearing, becoming mud, discovering ticks, being afraid of them, being loved by nothing, listening to moulds, touching the day, using spring water, opening and closing gates, always walking with dogs, finding dead salamanders, suddenly feeling like I am in Japan while I am in the rushes near home, being constantly surrounded by dead trees, smelling the sound of the wind, being reborn every day, thinking it is the end  understanding you are always half way/in the middle.

The personal interpretations and the unpredictable shedding of my experiences will change until I die.


The embers and coal are active during the day and sometimes during the night.

Burning it all, throwing away also the last chair you were sitting on while looking at your fire.


Move lightly every big weight of yours.


It’s the environment I live in expressed on the papers I fold, I ruin and carry around, like maps of my reposition, useful for getting lost in the surrounding landscape which seems never to change while indeed it is everchanging and flowing. 

Denis Riva - Artworks - Casa

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Essere vivo

2015 Acrylic, my starter, dry transfer lettering, fire and collage on wood, 97x102 cm

Non essere

2015 Acrylic, my starter, crayon and collage on wood, 43x70 cm


2015 Acrylic, my starter and collage on canvas, 120x100 cm


2015 Acrylic, my starter and collage on wood, 80x75 cm


2015 Acrylic and collage on wood, 70x50 cm

Vicino a casa

2015 Acrylic, my starter and collage on wood, 110x110 cm

Lago di carta

2015 Acrylic, my starter and collage on wood, 75x75 cm


2015 Acrylic, my starter and collage on wood, 50x45 cm


2015 Enamel and collage on wood, Various sizes