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"Made of geography sediments and fragments of history materializing from a shipwreck of words, drawings, paintings, the largest papers resemble the roof of an African shanty town as observed from a plane window. A place where the straw is on top of metal sheets, the rust is sewn up with the mud  and  the persevering human existences  are linked with the most mysterious forces, with the mystery of the rocks, the tough armor of the trees and the wary transhumance of the animal communities. The unfolding events looks like the result of layered stories passed on through generations  of villages, helping to change the layout of the map and perhaps the  developments of the events told to us. A wild epic expressed through symbols, with a whole host of animals fighting for land supremacy, between masters of flight and run, herbivorous and carnivorous, beaks and jaws. Head throphies weaved around by storks, alternates around the speckled rock where  howlings  start to sing to hatch the ransom. [...]"

Massimo Pulini

Magna Carta - Palazzo del Podestà - Rimini - 2020

Denis Riva - Artworks - Magna Carta

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